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brand strategy

Everything starts with a thorough understanding of our clients’ requirements and their context. The ability to assess and analyse these correctly and to transform them into a strong brand strategy is an essential foundation for further development.

Brand strategy services

Listening, talking, observation / Insights workshop / Brand analyse / Market research / Brand strategy / Digital strategy / Deep insight interviews / International research / Brand positioning / Brand architecture / Employer branding strategy / Customer journey workshop / Naming workshop / (Re)positioning workshop / Stakeholders workshop / USP workshop / Reconnection workshop

SME Portfolio

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brand definition

Strong brands set themselves apart by making clear choices on how they speak to people, what they project, how they move, how everything feels. All of these elements are part of the Brand Identity and are combined in a Brand Book.

Brand definition services

Naming / Brand development / Brand optimisation / Brand restyling / Photography / Copywriting / Storytelling / Motion design / Signage / Interior design / Font design / Brand imagery / Sound design / Brand claims / Brand guidelines / Brandbook

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brand experience

Based on the brand book, we make sure that all the brand’s contact points convey the right feel and values. This transforms the brand into an experience, combining various channels, media, and technology to communicate a clear message.

Brand design services

Packaging / Stationery / Art direction / Print design / Campaigns / Company presentations / Newsletters / Exhibition design / Gadgets / Signage / POS design / Advertisements / Radio commercials / 3D development / Infographics & illustrations / Annual reports / HR campaigns / Interior design

Digital branding services

Web development / Digital strategy / Information architecture / Wireframing / Web design / User experience design / Interaction design / Search engine optimization / Social media / Digital sales tools / Usability Testing / Motion design / Interactive animations / Rollout & implementation

Brand content creation

Branded content strategy / Photography / Copywriting / Storytelling / Radio & TV scripts / 3D visuals / Presentations / Magazine concepts / Video / SEA & online marketing

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 - branding by skinn | by skinn branding agency
 - branding by skinn | by skinn branding agency
 - branding by skinn | by skinn branding agency


For building the brands of the future, we always grow and learn whatever skills we need to. Just as responsive brands are designed to quickly anticipate in an ever-changing landscape.

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